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Nice nest!

We received a very special invitation from our favorite elves, Julia and Grant. Yes, those elves, the ones who spend their Thanksgiving weekend each year putting up all our Christmas decorations for us while we’re in NYC so that we … Continue reading

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What Happened in Vegas.

The Council of Olders convened for a Third-Time’s-a-Charm tour in Vegas last week. It was a wild group: the median age hovered right around seventy.  And yes, some nights we even stayed up past 9 pm! When Uncle Delbert fell ill … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, T!

Taylor turns 25 today. At 6:46 pm, to be precise. I’ve always figured it was because he wanted to be here in time for dinner as he is a boy who loves a good meal. The world is SUCH a … Continue reading

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Pip! Pip! Hurray!

If you follow Hope on Twitter (@Hopecutechick) you were among the first to know that :drum roll, please: little Miss Pippa laid her first egg yesterday afternoon. She had shown so little interest in the nesting area that I wondered … Continue reading

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Blank#$*%ing Technical Difficulties

Two hours of “error in retrieving your photos” and outright computer crashes. We are traveling, and my Macbook Air seems determined to head off into the sunset with Steve Jobs. By the way, did you know that steadfast non-believer Jobs’ … Continue reading

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“Gampa, you’re so silly!”

Just when the house became a little too quiet, we got a call that the Newportians were coming for a quick visit. Evie and Viv tumbled out of the car and ran straight  to say hello to Hope. Then the CE, aka … Continue reading

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Nest. Empty.

Ours, luckily, has always been one of the houses where the boys’ friends came to hang out, and it was nice to have a reprise of that while Daniel was home for this holiday. Once the chaos of Christmas was past, the kids … Continue reading

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Dear Everyone: Is the Thank-You Note Obsolete?

Back in the days of buggy whips and land lines, I made sure the kids wrote thank-you notes for their Christmas gifts. I would set a table with pens, paper and lots of favorite snacks as enticement, and felt reasonably … Continue reading

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The 117th day of Christmas

It’s Groundhog Day in red and green. Our tree is still up. The poinsettias are still on the front step. And I am embarrassed to say that the CE’s and my stockings are still hung by the chimney with care … Continue reading

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Happily Back in Hell: a literary mash-up of Dante, St. John of the Cross and Robert Frost

This may be a yawner for faithful readers, but every day I get at least a few hits on Polloplayer from souls in search of Divine Comedy details. More than likely these are desperate high school or college students up against a deadline … Continue reading

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