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Chicken fever outbreak!

No, I’m not talking about avian flu, but it is an illness and most definitely contagious. It can strike at any time. Symptoms: repeated murmurings along the lines of “I’d really like to get chickens someday”. Someday has arrived for … Continue reading

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Q: Does Dining in Brooklyn Make You Hipper?

A: Close. But with that extra whisper of an i. Not hipster, not hipper, sadly, just hippier. But, at least briefly, also happier! We always enter Brooklyn with breath held, suspecting we may be turned back at the border for … Continue reading

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Snapshots: Ten Late Summer Reasons to be in the City.

There is always a good reason or ten to be in New York City: Good morning! 2. Kitties! 3. The Park. Always the Park. 4. Bittersweet moment: one last dinner at Gramercy Tavern with Teri and Billy before they headed … Continue reading

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Past Forward

The years just fly by. Daniel was three and still wearing footie pajamas and Taylor was six years old and blanketed with chickenpox the day we moved into this house. Fast forward to 2015: Daniel just turned 25 and Taylor, … Continue reading

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Missing Manhattan

Surely a month in NYC would cure me, I thought. Ease the constant tug I feel toward the place, where right now I would be looking down on Central Park watching people taking their dogs for an early morning walk … Continue reading

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This Dog’s Life: Soho’s Birthday Party!

Everyone believes in something; and Miss Soho the Pop Tart believes in féte. As in let’s have a party! Soho is our “what kind of dog is that?” pup. Back when Daniel was turning twelve, he wanted a small dog. … Continue reading

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The Sky Really is Falling: Summer

As my witty sister-in-law, Gail, quipped, we had a holiday of “drama and trauma”. I deeply regret following up the post about Birdie’s passing  with more tribulation, but that’s just how it has been going. As the Oracle said in … Continue reading

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