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En Route

The CE and I are currently eating our way to the East coast by way of the Midwest. We’ve never stayed at a bed and breakfast before but given the breakfasts we’re experiencing, there may be more such stays in … Continue reading

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Here a chick, there a chick…

Seems it’s been womens’ week here at the Chez Poulet chicken ranch: The CE’s sister, Gail, stopped through town for a few days and was introduced to the ladies: Alexandra’s friend, Maurna, visited and enjoyed a fresh-laid breakfast: Alexandra’s cousin, Claire, … Continue reading

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Worried about the Novogratzes and Other Reality Checks.

If you’re wondering “what is a Novogratz”, then I bow before you in shame, for you are my cultural and intellectual superior. How far I have fallen. Television was banned from my house for entire decades, and even after that … Continue reading

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Coop de grace

The CE has a reputation as a tough negotiator. His skills were honed by years of CEO-ness, before he title-waived the O and was elevated to the royal position of Chicken Emperor de Pollo Grande. He has wrestled mortgage rates to … Continue reading

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What Any Reasonable Person Would Do.

  Our friend, the Creative Chick, Emily, directed my attention to this article from the BBC News. The story is actually from 2007, but the sentiment is timeless, don’t you think?   Lily has been taught how to stand on … Continue reading

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Just Passing Through.

I took a brief break from my pity party over the weekend to entertain house guests. Hundreds of years ago in another life, I actually held down a job, and that’s where I met my friend, Kathi. We are fellow … Continue reading

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A World of Hurt. May As Well Laugh.

This little episode of misery has decided to pull up a chair and sit a spell, so if you notice I’m not returning emails, phone calls or remembering appointments, birthdays or my own name, that’s my excuse. However, there is … Continue reading

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