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Cat does not live by breading alone.

Sometimes they need pita to get the job done… Happy Monday!

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One last pass at Pasadena

I know what you’re thinking. “Three posts on one measly weekend in Pasadena? This woman has no life!” True, so true, but I just can’t let Pasadena go until I fill you in on a few more reasons to visit … Continue reading

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Pasadena Weekend, Part Two: International Antiquarian Book Fair

Many California towns are strung by similar threads. There are your California beach towns and there is the undistinguished blending of the San Fernando Valley communities that spawned Valleyspeak. But Pasadena is different.  You’ll see street after manicured street of lovingly … Continue reading

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Pasadena Weekend, Part One

Thirty-five years in southern California and I’d never been to Pasadena.  I’ve also never been to an international book fair. We killed two birds (not chickens, of course!) with one stone and accomplished both last weekend. We arrived late morning on Friday … Continue reading

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Separated at birth?

Congrats to Pekingese Malachy, the little “stump of a dog” who “wobbled” away with top honors at Westminster this year. Someone compared him to an “alien footstool”, but I just see Cody the Shoo Bear when I look at him. … Continue reading

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One less chicken; life goes on.

I was in LA one night recently and took Victoria out for a belated birthday dinner. Have you ever been to Mastro’s? It is probably not on Weight Watcher’s preferred list of restaurants, if they even have such a thing. Mastro’s … Continue reading

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There are worse things than lying in an MRI tube, I know, but while you’re frozen in place, forbidden to move, and your nose itches and your foot goes into a gnarled cramp, a dentist’s chair or an Indian sweat … Continue reading

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1,000 Days of Autumn

Do good hens go to Heaven? I hope so. Autumn left us on Thursday morning, and strange as it may sound, we are grieving. For a chicken. I know what you’re thinking but please don’t say it. It’s only a … Continue reading

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Meme Me

Polloplayer is right there with the hipsters this week. If you missed planking, you still have a chance to redeem yourself with breading. Although they’re saying it’s already passe after 24 hours, so grab that cat stat! His head is so … Continue reading

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