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June in October.

You may not want to think about this as you peer into a bucket of extra crispy KFC, but every chicken has a personality.┬áI’m not saying I’ve met a hen who’s up there with Mahatma Gandhi, but there have been … Continue reading

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The Last Fruits of Fall.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Is that the sound of the sky falling?  And then a tremendously loud THWACK, as a deluge of acorns crashes upon the hard plastic roof of the chicken pen. Incredibly, the hens take no notice. You see, … Continue reading

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A Last Look at New York.

Let’s see. Before I interrupted myself with that bit of shameless self-promotion last week we were re-capping the New York trip… It was even harder than usual to leave this time. Fall is (despite UN General Assembly Week, despite whatever┬áis … Continue reading

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A Chicken in Every Plot.

Okay, so I didn’t get the cover story. That honor went to “Raising Meat Birds”, with an arresting photo of a turkey whose neck wattle gives mine a run for its money. Fair enough. But if you go to page … Continue reading

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