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Caturday: from cats to cat-a-combs.

We go way back with cats. We’ve been spoiling them since 1977 when we adopted our first stray, “Gray Fluff”.  Apparently “Kitty Hook” was another of her monikers judging from her personalized Valentine cake. Time flew by, and while I apparently … Continue reading

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My spirit animal is the sloth.

As a two-week “pause” has stretched to four, with nothing but uncertainty ahead, there is ample time for reflection. What are you learning about yourself? Us? Well, the veneer of civilized behavior is melting away one layer at a time … Continue reading

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Easter without the eggs?

Real or perceived, there’s been talk of an egg shortage the last few weeks. Maybe due to “stress baking” or perhaps a slight hiccup in the supply chain, but whatever the cause, our hens are suddenly looking like superstars! While … Continue reading

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The olds are all right.

I’ve never felt so elderly. Neighbors checking in, “Are you okay? Are you really okay?” The kids making sure we are properly distancing. Blessed young friends doing errands for us and taking Lily to the beach. (Tammy, you should be … Continue reading

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