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Matzoh and Moussaka: a recipe for love

On the first day of my first job out of college, a co-worker approached me and said matter-of-factly, “You’re the only person here close to my age. Let’s go to lunch.” We did, and quickly became fast friends. You’d be … Continue reading

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10 Things I Love about Chicago

Yes, it’s the Second City but it is not, I repeat, NOT, fly-over country. I will always heart New York, but Chicago is definitely my kind of town. We spent last weekend there and loved every minute. My top ten: … Continue reading

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San Diego Salute

We road-tripped it to San Diego last weekend with PG in tow to visit nephew Nick, aka The Midshipman, who is stationed there for a few weeks. He’s doing fun things like riding around on aircraft carriers and submarines and getting … Continue reading

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See how they’ve grown!

Just a quick update on the chicks. They are a month old and SO BIG! I don’t get to handle them very much since Hope calls the shots and doesn’t like them to leave her side. Most of them are … Continue reading

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Hope is the thing with feathers…

Stranger than fiction. A Utah family found this pair of conjoined baby robins: Turns out it was not a genetic mutation. Somehow, a plastic thread lodged between the two nestlings after they hatched and as the skin and feathers of … Continue reading

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Re-paving Paradise: Carmageddon is upon us!

Sorry all you Royalphiles, but the biggest news in southern California this month actually has nothing to do with Will and Kate’s west coast holiday. What is twisting the heads of Los Angelenos and their neighbors near and far is the anticipated closure of … Continue reading

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It’s a bird-eat-bird world

The CE and I were having lunch downtown the other day when three aging hippies singing “Imagine” and carrying a “War Is Not The Answer” banner walked past. I wish I’d gotten a phone number because I would like to hire them … Continue reading

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Thinking about These Three on the Fourth.

Freedom has been ringing in our ears more than two hundred years and it seems that for some, the sweet music has been reduced to a ho hum.  Fourth of July parades have been declared “Right Wing” by no less … Continue reading

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It’s officially summer.

For all the yadda yadda yadda about weather in southern CA, some of us think the place should be characterized as sub-Arctic most of the time. Not this week! It is a glorious, warm, sunny day. Autumn is almost done … Continue reading

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