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It’s all fun and games until #TPLO

We’ve never had a dog like Lily. Any Golden Retriever is the best dog in the world, but our Lily came with an extra helping of oomph. Little did we realize when we brought that sweet puppy home that we … Continue reading

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Chilling in NYC

There’s no bad time to be in Manhattan, but, note to self, the second week of March might not exactly be the best time… It seemed ever so slightly bleak after sunny Sedona, but still, we were grateful to finally … Continue reading

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Misfits in Sedona.

When I was mapping out our Grand Canyon trip, I spied Sedona to the southeast, conveniently not too far out of the way for returning to the Phoenix airport, and thought hey, why not tack on a few days? After … Continue reading

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The Road to Enchantment: Sedona

We took one last fond close-up at the Grand Canyon and then drove east, pleased to discover that the road spooned along the Canyon for miles, giving us many memorable last looks. Finally we began to wind south and then … Continue reading

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Really, Truly, So Incredibly Grand!

We’d probably gazed at it a dozen times from 33,000 feet above, each time with a firm declaration that “next year we have to go visit”. Decades later we still had not been to the Grand Canyon. If there was … Continue reading

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