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Twelve Stars for Eleven Madison Park

Throw a rock in New York City and it is likely to sail through the window of a great restaurant. Uptown, downtown, fine dining is all around the town. You actually have to work hard to get a bad meal … Continue reading

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Three Tasty Bites of the Apple.

Here we are in NYC, where I am thinking of piling up all the spring clothes I brought to make a bonfire in order to keep warm. Brrrr! Temps have been in the 30’s and low 40’s, but hey, it … Continue reading

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Life is Most Definitely NOT a Cabaret.

Today is the day we were supposed to celebrate Soho’s birthday party. Every other year all her nearest and dearest friends arrive laden with pizzle sticks and chew toys. We enjoy an incredible luncheon (thank you, Tammy Kronen Catering!) and … Continue reading

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Can You Make A Hen Go Broody?

It’s spring and I want baby chicks! Given that we are rooster-less, we could mail-order some chicks or pick some up at the feed store. But we aren’t going to be here for the requisite eight to ten weeks required … Continue reading

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