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I Finally Got My Rooster, Sort Of…

The CE and I are collectors. Me, of furry four-footers and feathered and winged creatures. He, of books and esoteria. Since neither of us seems able to curb the other’s passions, our home has long been overrun with dogs, cats, … Continue reading

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Dear Everyone: Is the Thank-You Note Obsolete?

Back in the days of buggy whips and land lines, I made sure the kids wrote thank-you notes for their Christmas gifts. I would set a table with pens, paper and lots of favorite snacks as enticement, and felt reasonably … Continue reading

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Hope is the thing with feathers…

Stranger than fiction. A Utah family found this pair of conjoined baby robins: Turns out it was not a genetic mutation. Somehow, a plastic thread lodged between the two nestlings after they hatched and as the skin and feathers of … Continue reading

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There’s really only one way to skin a cat.

Talk about a bad hair day! Poor Cody. The guy spends most of his life hauling around a fur coat that looks like a Lady Gaga wardrobe malfunction. The venerable Codester, aka Shoo Shoo, Shoo Bear, Shoo Shooie (you get … Continue reading

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I don’t know about you, but tsunami warnings send me scurrying to the sanctuary of a safer, virtual world. I spent much of yesterday parsing plays on Words With Friends rather than watching the news, which was (and seems to … Continue reading

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File this one under poetic justice. The world is full of things I don’t understand, but cockfighting is is right up there near the top of the list.  CBS Los Angeles reports that “a California man attending a cockfight has … Continue reading

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Fa la la la la and bawk bawk bawk.

Can’t let these holiday headlines pass by without sharing: From the Drudge Report: AIRPORT SHUT DOWN – BY STUFFED CHICKEN All you anti-Drudge types out there can finally rest assured that this item proves Mr. Drudge is committed to serious … Continue reading

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