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Scenes from a Tarty Party.

Today was Soho’s big day. She celebrated her sixth birthday, although actually, this was only her third birthday party. We generally only have a party every other year, but this one was so much fun that we may have to consider a change to that tradition. Highlights … Continue reading

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Animals behaving badly.

There are moments of clarity, rare, but icily lucid, where things come into focus and I realize I am living like a crazy person. The week in review: Well, at least the week wasn’t a total loss. That gaping hole … Continue reading

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All eggs are not created equal.

New York magazine never ceases to amaze me. Their Approval Matrix is practically the eighth wonder of the world. Their Restaurant Guide is an impeccable resource. And this week they’ve outdone themselves. Yes, their sure-to-provoke article on NYC neighborhoods is a … Continue reading

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Three strikes and I’m out.

Some weeks look better in the rear view mirror and this was one of them. The CE wrestled with small disasters on BOTH home fronts. Things got soggy in New York when the apartment above ours sprang a leak. We … Continue reading

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Hope is on Twitter!

This is what happens when you leave your office door open – chickens wander in and commandeer (or commandchicken) your computer.  I came home this afternoon to find that Hope has signed herself up on Twitter! Her rationale: if a bird … Continue reading

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Work, work, work.

And you thought YOUR day was hard…

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“Grandpa, do you live in a zoo?”

Hurricane Thomas and Hurricane James spun through last week along with their parents and their dog, Tiny. Thomas tallied up all the animals he saw and seemed to compare it favorably with the Central Park Zoo. Thomas was quite the helper … Continue reading

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LA Times: “Egg-farm video turns up the heat”

Big article in the Business section of the LA Times April 8 on the Humane Society going undercover to expose chicken factory farm cruelty. I’m sure all Polloplayer readers are buying cage-free eggs by now, but just in case there’s a straggler or two … Continue reading

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A Notch in the Beltway

Lots going on here but first, a WDC trip wrap-up: we multi-tasked the move and managed to sneak in a few forays as tourists. Helps a lot to be continually lost (no wonder our government is in chaos – no one … Continue reading

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