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Jail bird?

Q: Why did the chicken cross the courtroom? A: Because Maurice, the rooster, is on trial – for being a rooster! Until recently, Maurice lived peacefully in the French island village of Saint-Pierre-d’Oléron with his three French hens and devoted … Continue reading

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Prayers for Paris.

The Italian travelogue will have to wait. Today my heart is so heavy for Paris I can think of nothing else. The Eiffel Tower went dark last night in the city of light, and all the civilized world grieves for … Continue reading

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Life is but a dream house: Villa Kerylos in Beaulieu sur Mer

The travelogue lives on – for at least another post or two! On a morning’s whim, we drove from our hotel to the neighboring village of Beaulieu-sur-Mer just to see what we could see, and happened upon one of our favorite trip … Continue reading

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Yes Oui Cannes!

Truth be told, after our little expedition to Saint-Tropez, we were tempted to remain cocooned in Terre Blanche until the money ran out, which, believe me, would not have taken very long! Ever slaves to the itinerary, though, we enjoyed … Continue reading

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Do You Know The Way From St. Tropez?

Let’s pretend we’re still in France, because that would be infinitely preferable to being at home with the two of us gimps and a herd of demanding critters wondering why the CE is on crutches and not fulfilling his role … Continue reading

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Starry, Starry Day

Just for fun, let’s pretend we are still on our “motor-flight-through France”, even though we all know full well that I’m back in CA, still in my jammies and a ratty sweater with a mountain of tissues in front of … Continue reading

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Roman Holiday: Pont du Gard and the Nimes Arena

The French know how to enjoy life – mid-morning cafe at the cafe, a pichet of wine at lunch, and long lazy afternoons baking in the Mediterranean sun. The Romans, however, were all about veni, vidi, vici, especially the vici … Continue reading

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Rodin and Claudel: the sculptor, his muse and the Musee

Travel-wise we’ve moved well beyond, but I can’t seem to leave Paris behind. You understand, I’m sure. After lunch on Thursday we ambled over to the Musee Rodin, which is just a stroll from the Invalides. I wasn’t quite sure … Continue reading

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His and Hers in Paris: Edith and Napoleon

The CE and I have always traveled well together. We are so lucky to share many of the same interests. However, when it comes to Napoleonic sabres, I take a snooze, and, surely, few of you will blame me, right? … Continue reading

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Greetings from Paris! My last visit to France was October of 1986 – I was six months pregnant with Taylor and, thus, passed on the wine. Which is possibly why he (and Daniel – another nine wine-less months) are so darned … Continue reading

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