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She’s truly in the One Percent!

The little girl born on September 5, 1922 in Waltham, Minnesota, could not possibly have imagine how time would stretch out before her and that a full century later her entire family would gather in Santa Barbara, CA to celebrate … Continue reading

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Aging gratefully.

If one must be aged, every birthday should be one for the ages, right? This one most certainly was, with not one, but two most memorable lunch events. The first one was positively sublime. When that divine, almost-secret garden Lotusland … Continue reading

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Being present for the presents.

Remember when you were young and giddily counted the days until your birthday? As the years pass, so, it seems does the giddiness. After packing on several more decades, I’ve begun dragging my feet toward that inevitable day in May. … Continue reading

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Family Album: Collecting Candles.

He is quite the collector, the CE. Oriental rugs, books, antiquities, arcania, etc. etc. Through the years he has filled up quite a few walls and closets with his favorite things. Lately, it seems, though, for both of us that … Continue reading

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Family Album: The Great 98

Life took a small turn towards normal last week when Phyllis was granted a get-out-of-jail-free card to celebrate her 98th birthday. After nearly SEVEN months in captivity at her retirement community, she got the go-ahead for socially-distant socializing during her … Continue reading

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It’s about time.

I was halfway through the audiobook edition of novelist Penelope Lively’s meandering Dancing Fish and Ammonites: A Memoir before it occurred to me why I must have chosen it from all the books out there in the literary ether. There … Continue reading

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Might as well celebrate.

The last time a birthday brought me to my knees was (about an ice age ago) when I turned 30. The sensation of youth spent and misspent, time lost, world not yet conquered. Then everything seemed to speed up and … Continue reading

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Family Album: He’s Going 70 in a 60 Zone.

It’s taken three months of celebrating to convince us all (especially him!) that the CE is really, truly 70 years old. Everyone knows he is a stubborn cuss, but who else gets away with refusing to age? Here he is … Continue reading

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Birthday Chick

Some of us are getting to an age where “Happy Birthday” is an oxymoron, but Pollo Amiga was excited to celebrate her new numbers. Great party! Kirk and Alexandra hosted and we all had so much fun. A few¬†pix to … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, T!

Taylor turns 25 today. At 6:46 pm, to be precise. I’ve always figured it was because he wanted to be here in time for dinner as he is a boy who loves a good meal. The world is SUCH a … Continue reading

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