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Coyote. Ugly.

They are everywhere. They are nowhere. I set out on a walk with Chloe off-leash and one appears in front of us, ghostlike, staring us down as if we have no right to be there. Chloe thinks it’s another dog … Continue reading

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Depth in Venice.

Humorist Robert Benchley is famously remembered to have dispatched a humorous telegram upon his arrival in Venice: “Streets flooded. Please advise.” Very funny. Well, maybe uproariously funny any week other than the one we were there. Because I hadn’t done my … Continue reading

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Two Days and 10,000 Calories in Bologna.

Let’s go back to Italy, shall we? The travelogue left off after our four days in Firenze, but the trip went on: we boarded a Trenitalia for a brief visit to bustling, historic Bologna, site of the oldest university in the western … Continue reading

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Book Concierge: what to read before you go to Italy

Two of my favorite things: travel and books. So there’s nothing better than a book set in a place to which I plan to travel. As soon as I learned we were headed to Italy last fall, I started building … Continue reading

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