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The Chicken Chronicles: Pullets Over Broadway?

A friend stopped by the other day and was so surprised to see how our new chicks had grown. “Are those even the same chickens?” he asked. It reminded me that it’s time for a chicken update. We are grounded … Continue reading

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A Little Moa about Kauai.

You didn’t really think I would say aloha to Kauai without squawking about their chickens, did you? Chickens have thrived on the island ever since they were brought as “canoe fowl” by Polynesian voyagers as early as 1000 A.D. We … Continue reading

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Who Moved My Aloha?

We’ve been back on the mainland for about twelve hours and I am in severe Aloha withdrawal. Where is my daily Hawaiian sunrise? No, I’m not talking about a tropical drink. I mean the actual sunrise, which we observed each … Continue reading

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A Weekend in Sonoma: Eat, Drink and Be Married!

How were we so lucky to score a coveted invitation to Easton and Ming’s wedding? We aren’t swimmers. We most certainly aren’t Princeton alums. And even if you add the bride and groom’s ages together, there’s still a generation gap … Continue reading

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