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Orvieto, Part Two: Il Pranzo!

There are two kinds of temples in Italy: churches and restaurants.  In Orvieto, we beheld God’s grandeur first at the duomo, and then we encountered the divine once again at lunch. In Orvieto, God truly is in the details, and, … Continue reading

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Orvieto, Part One, the Duomo: God is in the Details

It wasn’t easy to leave Rome. (Who in their right mind would voluntarily leave Rome?) Plus, it was threatening to rain. And while our driver, Fabrizio, seemed capable and friendly, his English was only slightly better than our Italian, and … Continue reading

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A Last Look at Rome

It’s hard to let go of Rome. I have such  a jumble of memories: first, the incomprehensible scale of the place and its art – St. Peter’s! The Colosseum! Bernini! The Baths of Caracalla! Then there are the more prosaic … Continue reading

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Dining in Rome: Antipasti…Primi…Secondi…Nap!

You can’t walk a hundred feet in Rome without being accosted by a plate of pasta (or a selfie-stick salesman, but that’s another story). There are enotecas, trattorias and ristorantes at every turn. I think we ate at all of … Continue reading

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The Delights of The Galleria Borghese

What I know about art could fit on the head of a teeny tiny pin. If you had mentioned Bernini to me before last week I might have thought you were offering me a cocktail. Okay, maybe I’d heard of … Continue reading

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