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Goodbye, sweet prince.

He would have had you believe he was a lion king. But he was really just a pussycat. Where, oh where, did the time go? Cody cat, aka Shoo Bear, was just a few days short of his sixteenth birthday … Continue reading

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Life’s a Wheeze: Cody and Asthma

Last post was all about Soho’s birthday but she’s not the only one of our critters born in April. Cody, aka Shoo Bear, was born in April, 2002, back when I was on a tear of collecting Himalayan cats like other … Continue reading

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Separated at birth?

Congrats to Pekingese Malachy, the little “stump of a dog” who “wobbled” away with top honors at Westminster this year. Someone compared him to an “alien footstool”, but I just see Cody the Shoo Bear when I look at him. … Continue reading

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It’s officially summer.

For all the yadda yadda yadda about weather in southern CA, some of us think the place should be characterized as sub-Arctic most of the time. Not this week! It is a glorious, warm, sunny day. Autumn is almost done … Continue reading

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Pets on Prozac

My cats do very, very bad things. Yes, I know, cats are inherently evil, (Angie sent me this link as proof: http://www.catswhothrowupgrass.com/kill.php) so short of smothering sleeping infants there’s hardly anything a cat can do that would surprise anyone. Maybe that’s why they … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween!

No big plans for us gimps this year, but the CE and PG did decide something must be done as a nod to the holiday. Thus, we have here what I guess you could refer to as a Pumpkin Tart: No … Continue reading

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Quality time.

He wasn’t here for very long, but it was oh so nice to have Daniel at home! He headed back to the city today to move into his dorm for summer school, where he will be learning Greek (not the oops-our-country-is-broke … Continue reading

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Animals behaving badly.

There are moments of clarity, rare, but icily lucid, where things come into focus and I realize I am living like a crazy person. The week in review: Well, at least the week wasn’t a total loss. That gaping hole … Continue reading

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Blog, blog, blog…

Many thanks to all of you who have phoned, emailed, weighed in and commented  in support of the blog. Much appreciated. I’ve given more thought to this in the past few days than it probably deserves. I’ve been feeling a definite “dropped … Continue reading

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Why Cody is a bird’s best friend.

People often tell us about their fine “mousers”, cats that keep their owners’ (or, rather staff’s) yards impeccably clear of riff-raff like gophers and mice. We tell them about Cody, who will wait for hours on end bent over a … Continue reading

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