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The Day Chloe Ate A Chicken Carcass.

Firstly: no, it wasn’t one our our chickens. Second, as you may have guessed, I’ve waited all week to use that headline. No, it wasn’t Lola or Ginger or Summer or Pippa or Luna. It was some distant cousin of theirs, … Continue reading

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Christmas Wrap-Up, Part I

I know. You’re sick of Christmas and would like it (and all the leftover pine needles and credit card bills) to take a flying leap into the way distant future. But I’ve got pictures and this blog show must go … Continue reading

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On his 22nd: a few words with Daniel

Doesn’t seem possible that twenty-two years have passed since the Bookie made his first appearance with a red-faced squall.  It was at 6:08 pm: “I’m here, I’m hungry, and the rest of you need to hop to!” Has anything changed? … Continue reading

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Columbia U. Graduation, Part II: Commencement

Columbia’s university-wide Commencement ceremony brought together the 5,667 undergraduates of Columbia College, SEAS  and Barnard College as well as those receiving advanced degrees. It was a sea of blue! The weather initially threatened a sea of rain like the day … Continue reading

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Columbia U. Graduation, Part One: Class Day

Milestone. Transition. Endings. Beginnings. And lots of tears! I think they were all mine. I foolishly told someone a few weeks ago that I didn’t think graduations were such a big deal. I was temporarily insane. Because when your baby … Continue reading

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Happy to be in NYC

Two weeks in New York are like six months anyplace else. Things move fast here! Especially the temperature – one day it’s squalling wind and in the low 20’s and the next day it’s a balmy 60 degrees. Leave it … Continue reading

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Best bet: a full house!

It’s beginning to look a lot like…chaos. Other people (who are they, anyway?) have orderly little Christmas holidays  – they string popcorn garlands and go caroling and  order those high-ticket fantasy gifts from the extravaganza known as the Neiman Marcus Christmas book. … Continue reading

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