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2021 Reading Re-Cap: Pretty Good for Middling

Not every book can be a favorite. After all, there are a lot of books in this world. Looking back over last year’s fiction reads, though, even the middling ones had their merits: Demelza: A Novel of Cornwall, 1788-1790 By … Continue reading

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2021 Reading Re-cap: the 7 books I couldn’t love.

No one will be more surprised than me that in a reading year filled with classics, best-sellers and prize winners, I managed to scorn seven of them. Clearly the fault is my own, so it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read … Continue reading

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2021 Reading Recap: In the Beginning…

Gotta start somewhere, I thought. It was the end of 2020 and I felt a malaise coming on. No, it wasn’t COVID, although perhaps it was COVID-induced. I had no fever but I was beginning to feel heated; I just … Continue reading

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I’m all booked for 2022. How about you?

With yet another COVID surge raging, here we are, all hunkered down again. Ugh. There’s nothing to do! Yet I’ve never been busier, because instead of panicking over how many shopping days there are until Christmas, I’m contemplating the delicious … Continue reading

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Family Album: The Merriest Ever!

Tradition dictates that every Christmas at our house is pretty much the same, yet there’s always a little tweak that makes it a Christmas to remember. Pretty much the same cast of characters, starting with these two rolling in: But … Continue reading

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