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There’s no food left in NYC. We ate it all.

I can’t prove it, but it feels like we have walked every one of Manhattan’s 22 square miles this trip. Sometimes en route to cultural enlightenment but – let’s just be honest here -mostly in search of food. The way … Continue reading

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Here. And there.

The gallivanting continued, apace. The 20,000 step mark was duly broken, as was, more than somewhat coincidentally, my inferior-issue body. But no matter, we had a whirlwind girls’ week to finish up, and did so in style. Toughest item on … Continue reading

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Stepping it up.

Apologies to those hoping for more puppy pictures. The action has shifted 3,000 miles eastward and I feel like I have walked at least that far this week. 17,630 steps yesterday, 18,112 the day before and miles and miles to … Continue reading

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Viszontlátásra to Budapest and the Danube.

There’s never enough time. It seems we’d barely begun our love affair with Budapest, with its farrago of influences from East and West, combining to make the most fragrant, scrumptious cultural – and culinary – goulash. It began more or … Continue reading

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All that is holy in Budapest.

It is as surprising to me as it may be to you that of all the places we visited during our tour, it is the city of Budapest that pops up most often in my post-trip daydreams. Budapest was never … Continue reading

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Good morning, Budapest!

In Germany, it is the Donau, in Slovakia, Dunaj. Hungarians call it the Duna. Napoleon called it the “king of the rivers of Europe”. We know it as the Danube, and just as we felt we had just begun to … Continue reading

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Bratislava, briefly.

Tourists don’t linger long in Bratislava, perhaps because its past woes seem to overshadow its present charms. Slovakia has endured a long history of insults: the most recent – and aesthetically displeasing – blows were inflicted by the Soviet Communists, … Continue reading

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