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There are No Whos in Whoville.

Attention all thieves, robbers, vermin, low-lying scum of the earth and dog-haters (more on that later…): we don’t exist, and if we did, we would NEVER travel and even if we pretended to, our property is moated, electrified, barb-wired, searchlighted … Continue reading

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Blog, blog, blog…

Many thanks to all of you who have phoned, emailed, weighed in and commented  in support of the blog. Much appreciated. I’ve given more thought to this in the past few days than it probably deserves. I’ve been feeling a definite “dropped … Continue reading

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What do chickens do in the rain? Mostly, they whine and carry on, stewing (hmm, interesting choice of verb…) in their pen for the past four soggy days. Autumn, however, distinguishes herself from the flock yet again. I’ve had my … Continue reading

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Mew-tual friends.

Nothing says love quite like a kitten. The neighbor kids stopped by today to invite me over to take a look at the mother and four babies they rescued on Christmas Day. And they are just as cuddly as they … Continue reading

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“Blue Monday”.

Personally, I’m feeling just a squeak better today – head feels like it weighs only 50 lbs instead of 100, but according to a report from FirstCare, a firm that studies absenteeism, today is officially the “most miserable day of the year”. … Continue reading

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Nothing like the flu to melt away that Hawaiian tan. Daniel had a brief and violent bout with it while we were vacationing; mine is less intense, but lingering. I am now sincerely hoping the 48-hour-flu does not become 72-hour-flu. … Continue reading

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The plural of mongoose is trouble.

While in Hawaii, we saw what appeared to be a weasel or ferret scurrying across a pathway into the bushes.  A local told us that what we had seen was a mongoose. He did not seem to hold the creature … Continue reading

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