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One more brief paws…

I promise we will get back to the books next week. But today I’m on a different page, a last chapter, and somehow can’t move on until I say goodbye. He wasn’t our dog. But he was our very dear … Continue reading

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Hacked by a Russian!

Regret to inform you the reading recap has been temporarily interrupted by a Russian invasion: It’s been all cat-caphony here since he arrived. His arrival to us, from Seattle to Ontario, CA, to us was quite a caper, but nothing … Continue reading

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2019 Reading Recap: Series-ously; The Aubrey-Maturin novels

Maybe I just have commitment issues. I tend to steer away from series in my reading. They go on and on, they loom over one’s reading like the house guest who never leaves. One and done is more my style. … Continue reading

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2019 Reading Recap: Let there be lightweights.

Time for the annual backward glance on the reading year… I read once, somewhere, that reading anything is good for you. I don’t know if I believe that. I used to draw the line at comic books, cereal boxes and … Continue reading

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Family Album: it was very, very, VERY merry.

Not a creature is stirring, because they’ve all gone home, but we had a houseful, and the best Christmas ever. Auntie Gail arrived first, and then Taylor. Ron joined Gail this year and we were all – especially Lily – … Continue reading

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Cat’s out of the bag.

Ah, Christmas came early this year. You know what would be at the top of the list of “Things We Need Like A Hole In The Head Two Weeks Before Christmas”? Yes, exactly. A cat. The CE made a detour … Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season.

The season of sheer panic, that is. Yes, it is the Season of Giving and it is is giving me (and possibly you) nothing but headaches. I have Santa envy. I no longer want to play Santa. I want to … Continue reading

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