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Or as I call it: the “noshmarkt”

Of the myriad of things I love about travel, one is discovery of people, places and things well known to everyone in the world except me. I am one of the most poorly traveled creatures on the planet (my TripAdvisor … Continue reading

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When words fail (and pictures, too).

We had decided to spend a few days in Vienna on our own before joining up with the tour group in Prague. Everything had to go exactly right. LAX –> CDG on time! CDG –>VIE on time! Red Cab, a … Continue reading

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We were out of pocket for most of September. Home now, and jet lag is finally in the rear view mirror. I can’t wait to tell you all about, but first I have to fill you in on the trip parameters. … Continue reading

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A truly fine feathered friend.

The day before we left town, Pippa popped up to visit with me as I was wiping down a roost bar. She knew she could count on extra treats from me when it was just the two of us in … Continue reading

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If it’s Saturday, this must be Budapest.

Woke up to this – can’t wait to explore! More next week…

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Having the wurst time ever.

Dateline: Central Europe. On the road, literally, and going on a solid week of intractable jet lag. And though I am apparently constitutionally unsuited to travel, I couldn’t be happier! We’re seeing lots of new sights but the schedule and … Continue reading

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Oldsters In Seattle: The Artful Codgers

Hey, if we were young we would be out in kayaks or hiking Mt. Rainier. But we’re old and, um, truth be told, a little decrepit. But – we’re not dead. (yet). So we wanted to have some fun in … Continue reading

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