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Signs of Spring, Central Park.

No surprise, I suppose. The minute I start bragging about California, New York has to start showing off. I’ve been in the city for heaving snowstorms, 100+ degree scorchers and even for Hurricane Sandy, during which we nervously contemplated that … Continue reading

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Doggone It.

I have three words for you if you can’t think of a good reason to visit NYC in February:  Westminster Dog Show. Yes, you can see it well, and certainly closer up, on TV, but there is just something about … Continue reading

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September NYC: Friends and Family

Some visits are all about the culture; some (well, pretty much all) are about the food. This trip focused on the people we love in and around NYC. We’ve been lucky to have both of our boys in the city. … Continue reading

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Danger: Calories Ahead!

It was really, really cold in New York while we were there. Nothing will make you appreciate Southern California faster than walking down Broadway in 17-degree temperature with the wind in your face. Brrrr! So we spent a lot of … Continue reading

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Re-wind Pt 2: Merry Merry Month of May WDC

If I ever start to feeling overconfident about my grasp of the Apple Grande, a trip to Penn Station is  sure to inspire humility. Challenge number one is getting inside. Someone had the bright idea of co-mingling a behemoth underground urban transportation … Continue reading

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Every Dog Has Its Day.

There was an item in the New York Post this week about an Australian fellow who hosted thirty of his closest friends and family at his wedding – to his Labrador retriever.  “You’re my best friend and you make every … Continue reading

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In Transit

Packed up our suitcases and BigFoot for a trip to NYC yesterday. The Foot arrived in surprisingly good shape but my brain still needs a bit of transition time. A full blog update will be forthcoming. For the moment, however, … Continue reading

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