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2018 Reading Re-cap: The Best of the Rest, Part II

I have these recurring moments of panic when I realize that “too many books, too little time” is not just a bumper sticker quote but a real conundrum. I will never read everything I should, let alone everything I want. … Continue reading

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Paying respects.

I haven’t read every word Ernest Hemingway wrote, but I’ve read enough to know that he was the real deal. A king among knaves, on the page at least. In my flippant teens and twenties, I fatuously waved him aside … Continue reading

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A Chicken in Every Plot.

Okay, so I didn’t get the cover story. That honor went to “Raising Meat Birds”, with an arresting photo of a turkey whose neck wattle gives mine a run for its money. Fair enough. But if you go to page … Continue reading

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Book Concierge: what to read before you go to Italy

Two of my favorite things: travel and books. So there’s nothing better than a book set in a place to which I plan to travel. As soon as I learned we were headed to Italy last fall, I started building … Continue reading

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Shelf Life: Living in a Made-Up World

Parents, take those books away from your children NOW! Else they might end up like me, fully convinced that Atticus Finch and Holly Golightly and Hepzibah Pyncheon are the real deal, and wondering why everyone else seems so one-dimensional. Stick … Continue reading

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Shelf Life: Top 5 Non-Fiction Reads

The five requirements of a Top Five book: Take me away, anywhere, but do it convincingly. Authenticity. Make me believe in you and your story. It’s nice if you can make me laugh, and, barring that, make me cry. What? … Continue reading

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Shelf Life: Stranger than Fiction

I’ll reach for a novel every time. It is mostly thanks to my book clubs, travel and the occasional moment of discipline that I am grudgingly prodded into reading non-fiction. About a third of the books I read in 2015 … Continue reading

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