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Happy happy!

Yes, it’s the dead of winter, the East coast is buried beneath snow, Egypt is erupting in worrisome unrest and that pesky hawk continues to swirl overhead in hopes of a taste of chicken tartare. But for the moment, let’s put … Continue reading

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January update

No post-holiday slump in this New Year! Biggest news is a very special Hawaiian wedding for our dear friends Dave and Karen: We are so happy for them! We’ve also had fun visits from both sets of East coast grandkids: … Continue reading

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Pets on Prozac

My cats do very, very bad things. Yes, I know, cats are inherently evil, (Angie sent me this link as proof: so short of smothering sleeping infants there’s hardly anything a cat can do that would surprise anyone. Maybe that’s why they … Continue reading

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It must be a global conspiracy. Someone out there has hatched (so to speak) a plan to spill every detail of our chickens’ whereabouts to every predator for miles around. First it was the neighbor’s Australian Shepherd puppy. Cute as she … Continue reading

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Sport of Champions: Chicken Racing

Today we have an exclusive Polloplayer scoop: meet Kerry, 4-time Canadian chicken-racing laureate! Kerry and I go way back. To about a year ago when I pulled a photo of his chicken chariot off the web and used it without his … Continue reading

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Holiday Wrap-Up

I know the rest of you are way ahead of me and diving in to your New Year’s resolutions this morning. I am, characteristically, a bit behind. Actually, I made a Christmas resolution this year. A friend made a mention recently about … Continue reading

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