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A Disturbance in the Flock.

What I’m thinking today is that chickens are a lot like humans. Yes, I know they are actually the last extant remnant of the dinosaur, but mine are acting a lot more like humans. Fickle, moody, argumentative, rapacious. It was … Continue reading

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A Very Chicken Christmas

It just occurred to me that you can pretty well read what people think of you by the gifts they choose. All this time I was going for sophisticated aesthete, but it turns out that nope, what comes to mind … Continue reading

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No Feather In Her Cap.

Poor little Pippa! She is molting (or moulting – either spelling is correct) with a capital M. Little thing looks like she’s just a few feathers away from being fully plucked and casserole ready. It’s a sure sign of fall … Continue reading

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Happily Back in Hell: a literary mash-up of Dante, St. John of the Cross and Robert Frost

This may be a yawner for faithful readers, but every day I get at least a few hits on Polloplayer from souls in search of Divine Comedy details. More than likely these are desperate high school or college students up against a deadline … Continue reading

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Name that chick!

Drum roll please! Here is the highly anticipated chick-naming poll! There was a highly un-scientific winnowing of the name submissions from Saturday by a panel of, um, dare I call them judges? If your submission did not make the cut, you … Continue reading

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