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Blessed Easter.

We live in a time of so much noise and so little truth. It is a joy and a relief to turn to the Good News of the Gospel. Wishing you a happy and blessed Easter. And the promise of … Continue reading

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Easter without the eggs?

Real or perceived, there’s been talk of an egg shortage the last few weeks. Maybe due to “stress baking” or perhaps a slight hiccup in the supply chain, but whatever the cause, our hens are suddenly looking like superstars! While … Continue reading

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Easter: there is good news.

I am sidelined this week, and possibly the next, ugh, hopefully not beyond, from my morning walk. I am not happy about this. I’ve got a bad case of self-righteous self pity over this. Just what, I wonder, does the … Continue reading

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After the bunny.

Spring is awash in amazements. First, there is the light. For those of us who get up with the chickens, that glimmer of pre-dawn light is almost holy. ¬†I step outside and find that the earliest morning sound I’ve only … Continue reading

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Actually, It’s Not About The Bunny.

We were invited to a Good Friday breakfast yesterday morning. Alarm was set for 5 a.m.; not needed because I was up at 2 a.m., reading the news. The latest massacre of Christians, at a small university in Kenya. I … Continue reading

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Thinking Inside and Outside the Box

Big news in NYC this past week (besides the never-ending winter) was Tilda Swinton’s shut-eye gig at MOMA. She appears, unannounced and in various locations throughout the museum, prone and apparently asleep inside a glass chamber. Actress Swinton premiered the … Continue reading

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Have an Egg-cellent Easter!


Easter wishes to all from Hope!

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Happy Easter!

I don’t know if the Easter Bunny will make an appearance, but Tina and her family are visiting for the weekend and brought Buster, the Easter Chihuahua, so it’s all good here The CE and Buster Ashleigh set up a … Continue reading

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“Grandpa, do you live in a zoo?”

Hurricane Thomas and Hurricane James spun through¬†last week along with their parents and their dog, Tiny. Thomas tallied up all the animals he saw and seemed to compare it favorably with the Central Park Zoo. Thomas was quite the helper … Continue reading

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