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To points south. And west.

Things were too calm. Time to hit the road. Headed south. Time to meet the new grandpup! This is Bunny. Can you believe him? I want three! And speaking of grands, somehow just since Christmas, the grandsons turned into grand … Continue reading

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Getting our buzz on.

It wasn’t long after the initial pandemic lockdowns that I stepped outside and found a man and a woman in what appeared to be hazmat suits thrashing around the olive trees in front of our house. My first thought was … Continue reading

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Trying to just let grow…

Is there anything more utterly absorbing, endlessly fascinating and maddeningly annoying? And no, I am not talking about my husband here (although hmmm I suppose I could be…) I am talking about my fledgling garden, the one that went nowhere … Continue reading

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A Word from the Birds: The 3 Most Common Questions We Get About Chickens.

This blog was born way back in 2009 to record our foray into flock-keeping. Back then you were actually considered kind of cool if you had chickens and especially if you had a blog. Now, people just think we’re farmers … Continue reading

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Just faux enough away for us.

When does a groove become a rut? Maybe it’s when you discuss unironically that the morning walk commenced three minutes late and now we would all be off schedule for the entire day. “All” meaning the two elderlies and the … Continue reading

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