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NYC Holiday: Giving Thanks and Making Spirits Bright

I keep trying to become a jaded New Yorker but it’s not working. Neither temps in the 20’s, nor rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor a borderline sinus infection can keep me from celebrating a holiday visit to the city. … Continue reading

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Fowl Words.

Like anyone else who plays Words With Friends, I am continually composing words that should be words but turn out not to be. Therefore, I am always pretty excited to learn a new word to put into the rotation, and if … Continue reading

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The Day Chloe Ate A Chicken Carcass.

Firstly: no, it wasn’t one our our chickens. Second, as you may have guessed, I’ve waited all week to use that headline. No, it wasn’t Lola or Ginger or Summer or Pippa or Luna. It was some distant cousin of theirs, … Continue reading

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Listen Up, Y’all: Patty Griffin

Since most of the musicians I listen to are centuries dead (classical), gone kaput (very ironic, Civil Wars),  deeply reclusive – where are you, Joni? – or really too old to be strutting around on a stage (this might mean you, Mick … Continue reading

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Taking a Shine to the Rain.

So many things I used to take for granted, among them, sanity, a waistline and rainfall.  The first two appear to have departed for good, but glory be, it rained last night! I know exactly when it started, because at … Continue reading

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