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‘Tis the Season.

The season of sheer panic, that is. Yes, it is the Season of Giving and it is is giving me (and possibly you) nothing but headaches. I have Santa envy. I no longer want to play Santa. I want to … Continue reading

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And for you, a lump of coal.

Oh, I’ve got a list. And I’m checking it twice. But you may wish you weren’t on it. I promise to get merry somewhere along the line. And I’m even hoping for calm and bright. But right now, that whole “most … Continue reading

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Family Album: Acting Like Third Graders

Taking a little detour from the Italy travelogue to bring you breaking news from Grandparents’ Day in the OC. So much fun for me and the CE to be with the OC fam and get a peek inside the world … Continue reading

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And Saks Said: Let There Be Lights!

I hate Black Friday. I rue Cyber Monday. And my little Grinch heart grows blacker and blacker with each encroaching year of shameless holiday commercialism. Here I am in NYC on the biggest shopping weekend of the year and, while … Continue reading

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NYC Holiday: Giving Thanks and Making Spirits Bright

I keep trying to become a jaded New Yorker but it’s not working. Neither temps in the 20’s, nor rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor a borderline sinus infection can keep me from celebrating a holiday visit to the city. … Continue reading

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Christmas Wrap-Up, Part II: Graham Cracker Houses

While the rest of you were out shopping the sales on December 26, we were setting up for our longtime annual tradition of graham cracker-house building. This year’s gathering was one of our best-attended ever. You might think this was … Continue reading

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Chicken, with a side of chicken…

The chicken gifts continue to roll in. Still a few unopened gifts (we have been dealing with another pet crisis) so I hesitate to say this is the last word on the subject. One never knows what lurks in a … Continue reading

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Nest. Empty.

Ours, luckily, has always been one of the houses where the boys’ friends came to hang out, and it was nice to have a reprise of that while Daniel was home for this holiday. Once the chaos of Christmas was past, the kids … Continue reading

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What I really want for Christmas: lots of Doxylamine Succinate

I am now on Week Four of the Yuck. That virus that’s been going around and which lingers long, long after its welcome has been outworn. Started with a sore throat, bloomed into a nasty respiratory scourge – plugged ears and nose, … Continue reading

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Wrap up a chicken for Christmas this year.

One of the perks of writing a chicken blog is that I get to be a magnet for all things poultry. I get chicken-subject-lined emails almost every day, which might not be just everyone’s cup of chicken soup but it makes my … Continue reading

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