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Chillin’: NYC in February

Have you heard? It is COLD in NYC!   When I’m in California, immersed in drought tactics, sunscreen and poultry antics, I engage in wishful thinking, imagining that when I get to NYC I will be transformed into a sophisticated … Continue reading

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Doggone It.

I have three words for you if you can’t think of a good reason to visit NYC in February:  Westminster Dog Show. Yes, you can see it well, and certainly closer up, on TV, but there is just something about … Continue reading

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I Smacked a Chicken.

I really, really do not like mean girls. Oh, I know, they are legion and that in real life they will continue to maraud with impunity, but I will not tolerate them in the coop. I guess our sweet Summer must … Continue reading

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The Sky Really is Falling: Summer

As my witty sister-in-law, Gail, quipped, we had a holiday of “drama and trauma”. I deeply regret following up the post about Birdie’s passing  with more tribulation, but that’s just how it has been going. As the Oracle said in … Continue reading

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