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Caturday: from cats to cat-a-combs.

We go way back with cats. We’ve been spoiling them since 1977 when we adopted our first stray, “Gray Fluff”.  Apparently “Kitty Hook” was another of her monikers judging from her personalized Valentine cake. Time flew by, and while I apparently … Continue reading

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Hacked by a Russian!

Regret to inform you the reading recap has been temporarily interrupted by a Russian invasion: It’s been all cat-caphony here since he arrived. His arrival to us, from Seattle to Ontario, CA, to us was quite a caper, but nothing … Continue reading

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Cat’s out of the bag.

Ah, Christmas came early this year. You know what would be at the top of the list of “Things We Need Like A Hole In The Head Two Weeks Before Christmas”? Yes, exactly. A cat. The CE made a detour … Continue reading

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There’s a beautiful orange glow on the Rainbow Bridge.

Look carefully, you’ll see it. Because Dodger was very, very orange and on Thursday he left us and stepped onto the bridge, leaving his earthly suffering behind. He came to us in 2007 as a very sick little kitten. Taylor … Continue reading

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Goodbye, sweet prince.

He would have had you believe he was a lion king. But he was really just a pussycat. Where, oh where, did the time go? Cody cat, aka Shoo Bear, was just a few days short of his sixteenth birthday … Continue reading

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Walk with me: Ka’anapali

All in all, August might not be the best time for a trip to Maui. Unless you are fond of crowds. Crowds with lots and lots of children. We certainly did our part. But my philosophy regarding Hawaii is that … Continue reading

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Life’s a Wheeze: Cody and Asthma

Last post was all about Soho’s birthday but she’s not the only one of our critters born in April. Cody, aka Shoo Bear, was born in April, 2002, back when I was on a tear of collecting Himalayan cats like other … Continue reading

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Evil Creatures

I hardly ever meet a person who does not like dogs, but on those rare and disturbing occasions, I steer clear. Apologies to you non-dog-lovers out there, but there is something wrong with you if you don’t want to get … Continue reading

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Pets on Prozac

My cats do very, very bad things. Yes, I know, cats are inherently evil, (Angie sent me this link as proof: http://www.catswhothrowupgrass.com/kill.php) so short of smothering sleeping infants there’s hardly anything a cat can do that would surprise anyone. Maybe that’s why they … Continue reading

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Eek, Yikes and Eureka!

Halloween is clearly just around the corner, and not just because the calendar says so.  Look who’s lurking in the chicken yard: An Araneus diadematus, that’s who. Otherwise known as a common garden spider, but the Latin name sounds scarier. … Continue reading

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