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The Awesome Australorp.

The dead of winter, even in California, is not exactly baby chick season. It is a time for hens and their keepers to hunker down and dream hopefully of the coming time of daffodils. But I needed chicks and I … Continue reading

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I see the moon.

Has the moon ever shone more beautifully than this past week? ┬áCouple of nights ago we indulged in our favorite two-hour vacation. Left the dogs behind (sorry, dogs) and drove over to Hendry’s Beach for a sunset dinner at the … Continue reading

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25 Seconds in New York City.

It always comes down to the moments in New York: anything can happen and something usually does. There are the usual pleasures – family and friends, and the quotidian annoyances – tourists lagging on the sidewalk; holding your breath in … Continue reading

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Smack Dab in the Middle: Columbus Circle

Of the fifty four million people who visit New York City each year, I’m guessing that  fifty three million and some change would tell you that the center of the city is Times Square. They would be wrong. By a … Continue reading

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Signs of Spring, Central Park.

No surprise, I suppose. The minute I start bragging about California, New York has to start showing off. I’ve been in the city for heaving snowstorms, 100+ degree scorchers and even for Hurricane Sandy, during which we nervously contemplated that … Continue reading

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