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My life is an open book.

I’ve always thought that reading is the most affordable form of travel. Open a book and  you can be instantly transported to a different place or a different time. In 2005, I started keeping track of my reading. Life was more hectic … Continue reading

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More proof that chickens rule the earth.

Herodotus and Ovid wrote of the phoenix rising from the ashes. Fast-forward a few millenia and we’ve got feral chickens ruling the roost after Hurricane Katrina. The Times-Picayune reported last week that in post-Katrina New Orleans, feral chickens are dancing in the streets. It is surmised … Continue reading

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Yes, there will be no Tarty Party

Poor Soho. For her, it’s just another day. Hey, at least she’s not stressing over a tax deadline, right? As many Polloplayer readers know, we celebrate Soho’s birthday with an every-other-year party. On the alternate years, we make a donation … Continue reading

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Everywhere a chick chick!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a hard time tearing myself away from the U-stream video of the Decorah, Iowa eagles this week. Twenty-five million viewers cannot be wrong: with a narrowly averted government shutdown (yawn…)  and ANOTHER … Continue reading

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This gave me Goose Bumps!

Thanks to Polloplayer East coast correspondent Angela, who sent me the link for this sweet LA story about a goose named Maria and the man she loves: You’ll have to click to be re-directed to YouTube and wait through eight seconds of … Continue reading

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If it all stays in Vegas, why did I gain two pounds?

We’re just home from what has become our more-or-less annual pilgrimage to Sin City. I know, I know, the very thought of Old People in Vegas is disconcerting, but it works for us. One thing Vegas has plenty of is … Continue reading

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