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A Declamation on Exclamation!!!!

Four exclamation points in that title. Not three. Not five. Heavens, not five. Because, as the late British author Terry Pratchett opined “Five exclamation points, the sure sign of an insane mind.” Author Elmore Leonard was equally eloquent on the … Continue reading

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The Unhipster Goes To Austin.

I’m surprised they let me in. In case you’ve been off the planet for the last few years, Austin has struck the covenant of cool, become the haven of hip, is the place to go for all the kids in … Continue reading

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May Gray; Feeling those Jacaranda Blues.

Every year I come up with a new scheme to decamp from Southern California during the season we affectionately call June Gloom. The bowl of the sky turns over and spills over us with layers and layers of pearlish, milky … Continue reading

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xoxo moms.

It is the hardest job in the world. It is the BEST job in the world. Soaring joy and sometimes crushing heartbreak, theirs or yours, ¬†and long after they are raised and gone you are still on your knees either … Continue reading

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