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Hurricane Sandy: the Morning After

Other than that crane dangling dizzily from the 90th story of One57, we’re in pretty good shape here. Lost our TV signal late last night, but our power stayed on. Not so for Daniel and two million others in lower … Continue reading

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Toppled crane dangles over 57th Street in NYC

Our flight home was canceled and here we sit waiting for Hurricane Sandy to hit. But the story of the moment is not the hurricane but a crane attached to the One57 building: the boom has snapped and the crane … Continue reading

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By George! A visit to Mount Vernon

Every time you take out your wallet, good old George stares you in the face, but how much do you really know about him? He could not tell a lie, he was the “father of our country” and in the … Continue reading

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Palais de Poulet

Thanks to Polloplayer correspondent Katherine for this one: Neiman Marcus, ever on trend, is offering a bespoke chicken coop that puts our humble roost to shame. Only one downside – a palais like this one will cost your henny a … Continue reading

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OC Weekend

Tina and John were living in Connecticut when they took a sharp left turn to Newport Beach and wow, has that been fun for us! We had a great time visiting them there last winter and, if anything, our recent … Continue reading

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Going Coastal.

Nancy and I grew up in fly-over country and plotted our escape to points East. Nancy settled there while I made the long trek West with three thousand miles and decades between our meet-ups. But the last few years have … Continue reading

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No Feather In Her Cap.

Poor little Pippa! She is molting (or moulting – either spelling is correct) with a capital M. Little thing looks like she’s just a few feathers away from being fully plucked and casserole ready. It’s a sure sign of fall … Continue reading

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