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Fashion Fourth-ward: Starred and Spangled

It’s been an interesting week for flags.  The Stars & Bars have been relegated to the dustbin; rainbows are flying high. Next week, though, belongs to the Stars & Stripes and there is still time to get your red, white and … Continue reading

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Missing Manhattan

Surely a month in NYC would cure me, I thought. Ease the constant tug I feel toward the place, where right now I would be looking down on Central Park watching people taking their dogs for an early morning walk … Continue reading

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Retracing History: The Gettysburg Battlefield

“This is a human story and that is what continues to draw people here today”, said our guide, Larry Korczyk, as we began our tour of the Gettysburg battlefield. We stood on Seminary Ridge, looking out toward McPherson’s farm, where heavy … Continue reading

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Battle Plan: Four Things to Know Before Visiting Gettysburg

A brief but fierce thunderstorm broke overhead as we neared Gettysburg, bringing to mind the sound of cannon fire and cataclysm. This was a long-envisioned visit for me and the CE, both of us having fallen a little ways down the rabbit … Continue reading

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