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Family Album: You can go home again.

When you lived your entire childhood in the same house in the same sleepy town with the same boring parents, you can’t wait to move several time zones and a myriad of zip codes away. But after finishing college and … Continue reading

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Family, Friends, Blessings.

I’ve entered a state of perpetual amazement. Amazed, first, in retrospect at how strangely easy it was to adjust to a year of life lived in shadows, adopting as my mantra the Marcus Aurelius quote “Very little is needed to … Continue reading

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Family Album: Life, the Re-boot

Turns out, I needed all those lockdowns to rest up for what came next: real life 2.0 It’s gotten busy! Wonderfully busy! Appointments, events, even a party or two – all up to speed and going faster faster faster every … Continue reading

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Chickens in paradise.

An invitation to brunch! And chickens were on the menu! Well, not in the way you might be thinking… More like, hens on the hoof. Our friends Tammy and Tom, who do everything with charm and style, invited us over … Continue reading

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Might as well celebrate.

The last time a birthday brought me to my knees was (about an ice age ago) when I turned 30. The sensation of youth spent and misspent, time lost, world not yet conquered. Then everything seemed to speed up and … Continue reading

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Past Forward

The years just fly by. Daniel was three and still wearing footie pajamas and Taylor was six years old and blanketed with chickenpox the day we moved into this house. Fast forward to 2015: Daniel just turned 25 and Taylor, … Continue reading

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More Chicken Love, With a Little Help from My Friends.

I ┬áread an article last December that admonished us all to “rebrand” ourselves for 2015. And, for one fleeting nanosecond, I envisioned myself embarking upon some new, lofty passion and ordering a snappy new wardrobe from Net-a-Porter with which to … Continue reading

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Tigers, Tigers, Burning Bright.

Taylor and a crew of his Princeton swim team friends blew in last weekend for a teammate’s wedding and a thirty-six hour reunion. It was so great to have them all here! They all go way back – here’s a … Continue reading

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Wine, Women and S’mores: a Weekend in Paso Robles

Napa, watch your back! We spent last weekend in Paso Robles and discovered that the erstwhile sleepy little pit stop off of the 101 has become a destination in its own right. Just a breezy couple of hours’ drive north … Continue reading

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Collecting Friends

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who collect and those who do not. The only thing I seem to collect is dust. Well, dust and infirmities. If left to my own devices, I would probably collect … Continue reading

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