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Here Comes the Sun.

Given that it’s a holiday and all, and many of you people with real lives will be frolicking outside today, I decided to interrupt the poultry posts to bring you a public service announcement. About sunscreen. My friend Katherine with … Continue reading

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No Spring Chicken.

There are women who age beautifully and actually look quite lovely with grey hair and wrinkles. Unfortunately, I am not one of them. I thank my lucky stars every day for my husband’s considerable visual impairments.  You can only begin to imagine the … Continue reading

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Artist Chick.

Let me tell you about Emily. We met last fall at her factory in Long Island City, where, daily, she performs miracles of upholstery for the wealthy, famous and occasional stragglers like ourselves who wander in. Extravagantly well-educated, well-read and … Continue reading

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Quality time.

He wasn’t here for very long, but it was oh so nice to have Daniel at home! He headed back to the city today to move into his dorm for summer school, where he will be learning Greek (not the oops-our-country-is-broke … Continue reading

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Mean Girls.

I know, it’s not the weekend yet, but Chicken Events occur in their own time. Yesterday we had an altercation, conflagration, confrontation: sisterly love went all sibling rivalry. I heard the racket and went to investigate. Autumn was sitting pretty in the “preferred” … Continue reading

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Back to…normal?

The CE and I are comparing notes…East coast or West coast? At any given moment, would you rather be shivering in New York City or here in Southern California? The weather (58 degrees here; 62 in NYC today) is a toss-up. But … Continue reading

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The Second Sunday in May.

Enjoyed a very fine Mother’s Day this year. Nearly all the family gathered (we missed you, Tay Tay!) for a genteel and civilized breakfast (what, you don’t think it’s normal for four-year-olds to turn cartwheels in restaurants?) at New York’s Mandarin … Continue reading

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Past is Present.

When was the last time you saw your best friend from childhood? Quick, call them up, plan a reunion! It will be the most fun you’ve had in a long time. If there is data anywhere on the demographics of … Continue reading

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Grub Crawl.

Today’s New York Post has a piece on a “restaurant hopping” trend that is apparently the new thing for flighty foodies. See Uncharacteristically hip, we embraced the food fad last night when we dashed from a Columbus Circle bite … Continue reading

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Summer Campylobacter

I’ve been reading Eating Animals, the slaughterhouse expose by Jonathan Safran Foer. Or, more to the point, I have been avoiding reading it, because every time I turn a page, I am saddened and sickened by what I find there. The … Continue reading

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