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Re-wind Pt 2: Merry Merry Month of May WDC

If I ever start to feeling overconfident about my grasp of the Apple Grande, a trip to Penn Station is  sure to inspire humility. Challenge number one is getting inside. Someone had the bright idea of co-mingling a behemoth underground urban transportation … Continue reading

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Re-wind Pt. 1: the Merry, Merry Month of May NYC

Computer glitches and Nyquil fog have conspired to prevent a timely travelogue update. But here, finally, are some pix from our NYC trip: After lunch, we stopped into the American Folk Art Museum which is a small space with … Continue reading

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There’s really only one way to skin a cat.

Talk about a bad hair day! Poor Cody. The guy spends most of his life hauling around a fur coat that looks like a Lady Gaga wardrobe malfunction. The venerable Codester, aka Shoo Shoo, Shoo Bear, Shoo Shooie (you get … Continue reading

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Antibiotics, 1; Neti Pot 0

I know, I know, everyone thinks antibiotics are the devil these days. But imho, Sir Alexander Fleming, Ernst Boris Chain and Howard Florey are the sexiest men not alive. They gave us penicillin, which is a good thing, although, to … Continue reading

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iPad+Apple+WordPress=No Blog Post

Get your acts together, oh ye masters of cyberspace! My Mac laptop (which they tout as virus-proof) has a nasty, nasty virus and insists on throwing up page after page of porn pop-ups so vile they cannot be described in … Continue reading

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Busy taking a bite out of the Apple

Spring in NYC! What a glorious time to be here! As usual, the days are just packed. We’ve been to two plays, both of which have convinced us we have a long way to go before we can consider ourselves … Continue reading

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