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Christmas Kryptonite: Shopping for Men

I know that the term “Black Friday” refers to retail balance sheet ink, but for me, it – and every shopping day ’til Christmas represents a blot on existence; a portent of doom; a looming disaster of untold proportions. Why? … Continue reading

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Eating Crow About Crows; or How Luna Outwitted a Hawk

Yes, I know all about the specialness of crows. They’re smart. They’re highly evolved. Yadda yadda yadda. But they also kamikaze dive-bomb me sometimes when I step out the door into :my: yard and they often make an unholy racket. … Continue reading

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Tragedy at the “Sunken Road”: a visit to Fredericksburg, VA

A few years back, I read The Killer Angels, Michael Shaara’s Pulitzer-winning novel about the Civil War. Centered on the events of the Battle of Gettysburg, it is a work of historically meticulous fiction and, if you are only going … Continue reading

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Weathering the Storm

Sandy (was Sandy a she storm or a he storm?) made history, but we will all be happier when Sandy is past history. There are still so many people suffering the after-effects and will be for a long time to … Continue reading

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The Calm Before the Storm.

We arrived home in CA late Wednesday night, counting ourselves lucky to to be on what we think was the first post-hurricane flight from JFK to LAX. We didn’t exactly leave the storm behind, as three of the four kids … Continue reading

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