What Happened in Vegas.

The Council of Olders convened for a Third-Time’s-a-Charm tour in Vegas last week. It was a wild group: the median age hovered right around seventy.  And yes, some nights we even stayed up past 9 pm!

When Uncle Delbert fell ill in November and spent several cranky weeks convalescing in a nursing facility, the CE vowed that once Del was sprung, we were all heading to Las Vegas. Del’s favorite caregiver, Juanita, was enlisted, family members cleared their calendars and, voila! we weren’t in Kansas (or California, Montana, Minnesota or Florida) anymore!

Delbert's idea of home health care

We couldn't have done it without Juanita!

Per usual, we stayed at the Bellagio, which was all decked out with Chinese New Year decor.

Flower child in the Bellagio conservatory

2012 is the Year of the Dragon

Bellagio at night (Polloplayer photo)

Del, Juanita, PG, Gail and Mark have all made the trip with us before. But this year’s group included two Vegas Virgins: Mark’s wife, Jean, and Gail’s SO, Paul. Here’s the gang after a much-enjoyed dinner at Mon Ami Gabi:

L-R: Juanita, Jean, Gail, Paul,Mark, PG, the CE and Del in front

There’s always something for everyone in Vegas. Mark and Jean loved the Bellagio gym; the ladies gathered for manicures at the luxuriant Bellagio salon; Paul and Gail toured the various casinos; the CE played poker, and Del won at the slots. An intrepid contingent of the group headed out one day for a tour of Hoover Dam:

It was a windy day! (image from Jean)

Vegas shows are always a trip highlight for this group. This year we were wowed by Cirque du Soleil’s LOVE.

(image from topvegasshows.com)

And then we were dazzled by Celine Dion’s “A New Day” production. The CE and I had seen Celine’s previous Vegas show, which was terrific, but the new one is truly spectacular. Her coterie of supporting musicians are outstanding and Celine has an unmatched ability to connect with her audience.

The ultimate working mom: Celine

Everyone seemed to agree that it was the best trip yet.  Rest up, Del – there could be a four-peat in our future!

Siblings: Mark, Gail and the CE (image from Jean)

Siblings: PG and Del

There was one empty seat at the table this trip. I ordered a few Manhattans to toast the memory of my father, who dearly loved these Vegas jaunts.  I’m guessing the show in Heaven is even better than Celine.

Me and my father, Vegas 2010

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5 Responses to What Happened in Vegas.

  1. CE says:

    It was indeed a special trip. Seems like everyone got to enjoy Vegas in their own way, and then we would meet for a wonderful dinner and perhaps a show. Just a great time for me, and I hope the others. Viva Las Vegas!! And thanks to the Chicken Lady for making it possible to revisit the trip through, of all things, a chicken blog (!?)

  2. Katherine says:

    Wait a second… Uncle Delbert recovers and gets to go to Vegas?!?! Did I mention the flu (shot) I got in October? The (allergy-related) cough I had last month? Where’s my ticket to Celine? Where’s my Juanita?

    I was born in the year of the horse, as a pisces… that’s sort of a horse with fins… a dragon if you will… where’s my Bellagio flower sculpture?

    I really need a better travel agent…

  3. tdevir says:

    Great pictures and so fun to see everyone together…. I would love to join in the festivities one day!

  4. Pamela Gilbert says:

    Love the shot of Uncle Delbert and the showgirls. He’s probably got a poster-sized version in his apartment, I’ll bet,

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