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Bright Lights on Broadway

There are so many “best things” about being in New York City. Among them is that we are across the street from Lincoln Center and an easy walk to the Theatre District. We have an entire drawer filled with Playbills … Continue reading

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Dishing on Chicken.

While my physical therapist was pummeling me the other day, she said “So I met someone else who has chickens.” She said this in precisely the same tone of voice you would use if you were saying “As hard as … Continue reading

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What’s Your State of Mind?

We are most of the time in the state of California; part of the time in the state of New York. This means I live all of the time in the great State of Confusion. As mentioned (read whined about) … Continue reading

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Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

Are you old enough to remember Chicago? No, not the play or the movie. I’m talking about the 70’s band with the peppy brass section. I’m not a big fan of brass sections (sorry, Gustav Mahler) but twice a year, … Continue reading

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Bad Apple?

The CE has long called them “Kool-Aid drinkers”. He is referring to the Apple acolytes who, in his estimation, have foolishly traded off their common sense to pay exorbitant sums of money for slickly designed Mac this or that through … Continue reading

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