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Summer’s Last Hurrah.

Summer is pretty much a wrap at this point. Fall doesn’t officially begin for a few weeks, and this glorious weather we are currently having is more July than September, but the hammer comes down on Labor Day – no … Continue reading

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Rules of Engagement

We celebrated last night with the happy couple and the parents of the bride. We began, of course, with Rule #1: the obligatory champagne toast. According to Alexandra and Andy, this was at least the dozenth one they’ve enjoyed, with friends and family … Continue reading

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Buster’s Posse Returns

Have you ever seen a Chihuahua smile? Buster was one very happy muchacho the day his family returned to claim him. We all enjoyed the sunny end-of-summer weekend: For reasons no one fully understands, the girls’ favorite activity of the … Continue reading

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Three Dog Nights

Why just a duo of dogs when more is merrier? When we heard that grand-pup Buster was going to cool his heels in a kennel while the family was away, we offered up our Animal Farm as an alternative and … Continue reading

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The 117th day of Christmas

It’s Groundhog Day in red and green. Our tree is still up. The poinsettias are still on the front step. And I am embarrassed to say that the CE’s and my stockings are still hung by the chimney with care … Continue reading

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Grandpa and Nana go to Newport.

Nine days until Christmas and what are we doing? Shopping? Wrapping? Addressing Christmas cards? Nope. None of the above. We are slumming in Newport Beach, the devil-may-care alternative to contemplating the dread terror that awaits us when fifteen people show … Continue reading

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Evie and Viv in Chickenland

Once upon a time, two beautiful princesses, their mother, the Queen of Let’s-Move-Across-the-Country and their little dog, Buster, traveled from far, far away in Orange County by way of Connecticut to visit the magical Chicken Kingdom. They were a bit surprised when … Continue reading

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