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Farewell to our party girl.

I always get a catch in my throat when I see an old person with an old dog. Always walking slowly, giving each other time, honoring long years together. You know what’s sadder than old people with their old dogs? … Continue reading

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It was absolutely pawsome.

I don’t know if all dogs go to heaven, but some of them most definitely get to live a day in paradise. We toasted Soho’s thirteenth birthday with a celebration that was nothing short of divine, thanks to her many … Continue reading

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This Dog’s Life: Soho’s Birthday Party!

Everyone believes in something; and Miss Soho the Pop Tart believes in féte. As in let’s have a party! Soho is our “what kind of dog is that?” pup. Back when Daniel was turning twelve, he wanted a small dog. … Continue reading

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Doggone It.

I have three words for you if you can’t think of a good reason to visit NYC in February:  Westminster Dog Show. Yes, you can see it well, and certainly closer up, on TV, but there is just something about … Continue reading

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May is the cruelest month…for housesitters.

With all due respect for T.S. Eliot, he had it all wrong. Yes, he murmured eloquently of lilacs and hyacinths, but little did he know the cruelty he escaped by not having to house-sit for us in the month of … Continue reading

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Trouble in (Chicken) Paradise

Once the sun finally came out yesterday (typical SoCal summer – bone-chilling cold until around 4 pm) , it was an almost idyllic day in the Chicken Kingdom. The little ones, like every other animal that resides here, have honed … Continue reading

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Home is Where the Tart Is

It’s been a bumpy week. The funeral, which went as well as it possibly could have. The travel, which, um, did not. First, though, thanks to everyone for the meaningful condolences. From cannoli to cards to so, so many beautiful … Continue reading

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Ups, Downs

It’s been a good week. It’s been a bad week. Like any other week, I guess, but the lows did seem a bit lower than the highs did high. First off, our patient is resting comfortably and more or less … Continue reading

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Back to…normal?

The CE and I are comparing notes…East coast or West coast? At any given moment, would you rather be shivering in New York City or here in Southern California? The weather (58 degrees here; 62 in NYC today) is a toss-up. But … Continue reading

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Scenes from a Tarty Party.

Today was Soho’s big day. She celebrated her sixth birthday, although actually, this was only her third birthday party. We generally only have a party every other year, but this one was so much fun that we may have to consider a change to that tradition. Highlights … Continue reading

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