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Teen Angst.

As if we hadn’t dealt with it already x 4, we’ve got teens in our midst. These two are getting their combs and feeling their oats: Edith, the Buff Orpington: And Willa, the Salmon Faverolle: At two months of age, … Continue reading

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I need a wake-up call.

Morning is a relative term, I thought, as I woke today with a start and realized it was already past six and the sky was growing light. After all, just a few days ago, we were still in Kauai, and … Continue reading

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I’m pretty sure that in the final moments of the Sixth Day, just before He rested, God smiled, gave a wink and dealt out the Hawaiian islands just to give us a little foretaste of heaven. And I’m just as … Continue reading

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There’s a beautiful orange glow on the Rainbow Bridge.

Look carefully, you’ll see it. Because Dodger was very, very orange and on Thursday he left us and stepped onto the bridge, leaving his earthly suffering behind. He came to us in 2007 as a very sick little kitten. Taylor … Continue reading

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