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After TPLO: the pupside and the downside

According to the calendar, Lily is 6.5 weeks into her post-TPLO confinement. According to my brain it feels more like six and a half years. This has been so hard, especially on her, but not gonna lie, no picnic for … Continue reading

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After TPLO: Humans in training…

After four long weeks on high alert, we thought we’d mastered the TPLO recovery situation. This is not to say we were enjoying it. The level of vigilance required for keeping our sweet but spirited Lily under “confinement” is something … Continue reading

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After #TPLO: Not quite hitting our stride

Three and a half weeks into Lily’s TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy) recovery, we are all still on a short leash. The realization that we aren’t even halfway through the first phase (eight weeks confinement, then eight weeks of strengthening, … Continue reading

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After #TPLO: The good, the bad and the bunnies.

We are almost three weeks out from our Lily’s Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy surgery, also known as TPLO and perhaps the least favorite acronym we have ever encountered. Basically, Lily blew out her knee and became lame. We’re all limping … Continue reading

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Chicken lady for life.

We’d been invited to lunch at a lovely club by a lovely couple we barely knew. Hoping to make a good impression, I was actually wearing shoes that weren’t flip flops or sneakers. Nice try. But no. Because as we … Continue reading

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Wild Kingdom.

It had been a typical day. All the usual minutiae with a highlight of a major plumbing crisis under the kitchen sink. Our cocktail reading hour was mercifully upon us at long last and the CE decided the week-old baby … Continue reading

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Walk with me: the hula cat and the haoles.

Dateline: Poipu, where everything is perfection. We’ve been here more times than I can count but we’ve never had a room with this view before: So here we are, a million miles from everyday life. But at least one thing … Continue reading

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Just faux enough away for us.

When does a groove become a rut? Maybe it’s when you discuss unironically that the morning walk commenced three minutes late and now we would all be off schedule for the entire day. “All” meaning the two elderlies and the … Continue reading

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Failure to launch?

Among the many things that no longer seem possible is the idea of packing a suitcase. We returned from San Francisco last month certain we had our travel chops back and we were determined to plan another jaunt right away … Continue reading

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You lucky dog.

As we mere mortals hunker down for winter and the onslaught of the holidays, Lily the Wonder Dog just does what she does Every. Single. Day. “Let’s go, Lily”, calls the CE. She jumps in the Jeep and off they … Continue reading

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