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Foot Fetish.

She didn’t mean it. Next to Autumn, Hope is the sweetest of the four girls. It was really my fault. I picked her up to introduce her to the new-and-improved nest box nook, but she started flailing, and an errant … Continue reading

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Weighty Issues.

I am on a fluid diet. No, not the kind you drink. The kind that seems to change and adapt each day, due to the fact that my self-discipline chip has apparently been deprogrammed. It doesn’t help,  of course, that … Continue reading

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Coop de Coeur

There was a nice surprise awaiting me when I arrived home yesterday. Taylor and Victoria painted the door to the chicken coop while I was gone. Doesn’t it look great? What’s more, the CE is moving forward on plans to build … Continue reading

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“Take…da da da da…these broken wings”…

…”And let me fly away”…I have that Mr. Mister song jangling my brain this morning and now so do you.  Remember that one? It’s about to be the theme song for my girls – I wonder if they can sing … Continue reading

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Hi Calories!

They’re everywhere, it seems, at least this weekend. We were fortunate to wine and dine repeatedly the last few days, and in grand style. Bernadette invited us to her temporary aerie high above the city, where we ate like kings … Continue reading

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True Love.

You know how the world is made up of two different kinds of people? There are those who like the windows open (the CE) ; those who run around closing them (that would be Moi); those who are always planning … Continue reading

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Rite of Passage

Coming-of-age rituals are common in the human world. Celebrations and solemn ceremonies abound. For chickens, however, things are less exciting. No engraved invitations. No limos or live bands. Poor dears, all they get is a new bag of food that … Continue reading

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Say nothing.

Mark Twain may have said it best: “If you have nothing to say, say nothing”. Today is one of those rare days when I am utterly without inspiration, chicken or otherwise. This does not ordinarily stop me, but a cautionary … Continue reading

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Home Is Where The Hens Are

In Las Vegas, the day begins with a piping hot pot of capuccino delivered to the room and a review of the days’ “tasks”: where to have lunch? Where to have dinner? Which corner of the pool has the best … Continue reading

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Waiting To Exhale – In Vegas

Some people like to face life head-on. Me, I’m all for escape. Thus, dateline: Las Vegas. They say what happens here stays there, and that’s a good thing. After a hard day of shopping (me), poker (CE) and dining (both of … Continue reading

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