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Two little words.

Sometimes you take a couple of words, pair them up, and you get way more than double the impact. I’m not talking about oxymorons like “jumbo shrimp”, I’m talking about a big wallop of  insult piled on to injury. Like “black plague”, as if … Continue reading

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In a New York minutiae

It’s been a whoosh of a week. Somehow, NYC manages to be a time compression chamber – seems we just arrived and now it’s time to go. Accidental New Yorkers that we are, I think it’s agreeing with us – … Continue reading

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I cannot tell a lie.

    President’s Day, which has sneakily morphed into President’s-week-off in recent years, turned into a nice excuse for us to fly the coop. I had planned to slap up some test-pattern pix of Hope, Amelia and Autumn just to … Continue reading

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Love is in the air.

Stopped by the feed store this afternoon, where a solitary employee stood at the doorway, leaning on a broom, squinting upwards at the sky. I turned to see what he was looking at and saw a couple of red-tailed hawks in … Continue reading

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Cold and Hungry.

BRRRR! I know it’s rude and inconsiderate to complain about the cold when a record-breaking blizzard is pelting other parts of the country, but baby it’s cold outside! Winter is a subtle proposition when it’s not defined by wind chill. … Continue reading

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