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Past Forward

The years just fly by. Daniel was three and still wearing footie pajamas and Taylor was six years old and blanketed with chickenpox the day we moved into this house. Fast forward to 2015: Daniel just turned 25 and Taylor, … Continue reading

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New Kid on the Block.

I’m so excited to introduce you to the new man in my life! Julia and Grant invited us over last week to meet their new baby, Henry, and we were instantly smitten! Henry’s mother is a poodle and his father … Continue reading

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Nice nest!

We received a very special invitation from our favorite elves, Julia and Grant. Yes, those elves, the ones who spend their Thanksgiving weekend each year putting up all our Christmas decorations for us while we’re in NYC so that we … Continue reading

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It’s beginning to look a lot like…YIKES, I’m not ready!

Note to self and anyone else who might be listening: not such a great idea to go gallavanting around the country until halfway through the Advent season…I mean, it’s not like elves show up and do all the work for … Continue reading

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Animals behaving badly.

There are moments of clarity, rare, but icily lucid, where things come into focus and I realize I am living like a crazy person. The week in review: Well, at least the week wasn’t a total loss. That gaping hole … Continue reading

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Back on Terra Farma, with a few surprises…

Love NYC, but it’s good to be back at the “farm” or “zoo” or whatever you call three acres filled with critters. Maybe we should just call it lunacy… Whatever you call it, Dave survived it (again) in style. Not only … Continue reading

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Such a great weekend!

Saturday was Julia’s wedding. Everything about it was perfect! And the sun even came out! Julia was, of course, a stunningly beautiful and happy (and calm and incredibly organized!) bride and everyone had so much fun. Truly a magical day. Here are … Continue reading

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I probably need to invest in one of those plastic squeegee things people back East use to scrape off their windshields in winter. I’ll need it to remove the ice from my computer screen, as, in addition to fog and … Continue reading

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